Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Signature Open Water Swim

An ultra-distance marathon swim from south-to-north, the length of Tampa Bay, Florida.  It is a beautiful swim with bright sun, moderate waves and beautiful manta rays undulating beneath the swimmers.   


10 hours
45 minutes



The strategy of A Long Swim is to build the association between open water swimming and ALS; we think that open water swimming and ALS perfectly go together. Our goal is to get to the point where, when people think of ALS, they think of open water swimming. At least in the Chicago market, we think that the bridge between ALS and open water swimming is being built. We informally started A Long Swim in 2011, and formalized it as a nonprofit in 2015. A Long Swim now has three separated but related initiatives, including Marathon Swims, Athlete Sponsorship, and Competitive Open Water Swims.
Doug McConnell
Executive Director